Website Security

Website Security

Protect your online asset

No matter whether you’re the founder of a large startup or you’ve got a simple website, paying attention to your site security is no longer optional — it’s a must.

As you know, security breaches, data loss, malware, viruses, and poor site performance can negatively impact your business. Plus, the potential impact on your customer’s trust can be detrimental.

A recent study by WhiteHat Security discovered that 86 percent of all websites contained at least one serious security vulnerability, if not more. In addition, Google recently reported a 180% increase in the number of hacked websites.

And if none of the above has convinced you yet, consider the following: just one single security breach could have the power to take down your whole business.

So now the question becomes, what can you do? How can you keep your website secure?

The simple answer is to pick a reliable host, make sure there’s a backup in place, and hope that nothing goes horribly wrong.

But to keep your investment truly secure, you need more than that. Our team will examine your site for malware, backdoors, and file modifications. We’ll make sure your plugins and software are up-to-date. Additionally, we’ll set up a second level of automatic backup to make sure your database and files are safe. Finally, we’ll install SSL encryption technology on your website so that your customers and visitors know you care about their privacy and security.

Don’t wait until it is too late — contact us to protect your online asset and customers today.