Hi, I’m Tal Gur, the founder of Elevate Website. After working with hundreds of people and reviewing their sites firsthand, I discovered they all have something in common: their website is ineffective and ultimately a wasted platform.

They may have a great message and a great product, but what they’re all lacking is a high-performing, high-converting website. And of course, without a converting website that generates clients and leads, any traffic is mostly a waste.

Time and time again I kept running into people who owned meaningful businesses, but ineffective websites that do not convert and underperform.

And that was how Elevate Website came into being.

Our Promise

We at Elevate Website believe that meaningful businesses should be given all the opportunities to grow and thrive. With years of experience in the online world, we not only have the knowledge required to help but also the desire.

What makes Elevate Website different is that we are more than a web development or marketing agency – We are customer journey experts focusing on every stage of the online funnel – from brand awareness and lead acquisition to client conversion and retention.

Our goal is simple: To elevate your website into a client-converting mmachine that works on autopilot.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, get in touch with us today and apply for a free consult.


Tal Gur is an impact-driven founder and entrepreneur at heart. He founded businesses from the ground up and helped numerous people leverage their online platforms to get elevated results. In his previous endeavors, he held key executive roles in various industries and locations worldwide. He has a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and a Masters degree in Information Systems from Monash University.

Albert“Tal has earned our deep admiration for his cutting edge knowledge & management skills in handling all assignments in design, marketing, and optimization with great emphasis on quality and ROI. In addition, he is extremely gifted in communication and feedback. Tal is a winner in our books” Albert Knowles, Founder.
Peter“Our firm contracted Tal to manage the optimization of our new website – the site needed to function as both a B2B and B2C facing site and include an interface to allow our 4,500 clients to access our host system, place new accounts for collection, transmit payment details and communicate with us using a number of predefined forms – this all had to be completed with LIVE clients accessing our system and the transition to the new site had to be completed with ZERO downtime – even though the requirements were challenging, Tal and his team completed the job faster than we expected and under budget! We were impressed, and recommend Tal’s work to anyone looking for an experienced, dynamic, forward-thinking partner.” Peter Sorrentino, Founder
Efthimios“I have known Tal for more than a decade and used his services and advice on all our online endeavours – the results have always been optimal and consistent – highly recommend professional and star supplier.” Efthimios G. Latsoudis, Managing Partner
Karen“Tal swiftly optimized and fixed our website after it became corrupted & was clear about the tasks he undertook. 5 star work. Karen W., Founder
KrisI commissioned Tal and his business to investigate and assist me in developing an idea that existed only in my thoughts, into a viable, profitable, and sustainable winternet business. The idea was unique and not a lot of material on the subject was around, nor was there similar trials run or direct experience to the source. However, this did not stop Tal from coming up with real-world idea’s to run trials for feedback, unique and accurate systems, and measurable metrics, whilst continually challenging me to fine-tune the process. I found Tal a pleasure to work with, he is professional, relational, and above all, he is truly a contemporary entrepreneur that operates with humility and wisdom. I would recommend Tal to take on your unique project that necessitates a mind for that unique edge, an eye for detail and a drive for success. Kris Plumb, Founder
CiaraWe had been looking for someone to make improvement to our site for some time, but we wanted someone who had a knowledge and understanding of the online world and would be able to advise us on best practice. Tal was that person. Tal is a true professional and gentleman. He is honest and reliable and very easy to work with. In a short space of time we ended up with a website that we are proud to direct people to. Ciara C., Founder