Day2Life Website Review

Day2Life planner is a comprehensive mobile planner which helps users manage daily and long-term plans.

Day2Life was founded in 2013 and the company’s headquarters is in Wonil Park.

1. User Experience and Design

According to one of our speed tests, took 8.0 seconds to fully load. Decreasing the page load time would allow for a bigger number of visitors to reach the site and a better user experience. Studies show that 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load and 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.

Day2Life is effectively communicating their core message through their brand. Their design is capturing visitors attention and compels them to dive deeper into the site. Content is easy to read and scan.
The call to action is not clear enough, which results in visitors not knowing what to do on the site. Improving the call to action would be an effective way to get the visitors to take the desired action.
The company clearly communicates the tangible benefits of using their product.
There are enough visuals to add interest and support the product.
Including more social proof can help establishing trust and credibility – In a world of many choices but not enough time, where marketing saturate our lives, we, more often than not, turn to those we trust. is mobile friendly. People visiting the site on their mobile devices experience a well-designed site. Overall, visitors are 5 times more likely to leave a website if it is not optimized for mobile.

2. Blog & Content Marketing

Day2Life does not have an active blog on their site. Creating and publishing blog posts would be a good way to increase organic traffic while at the same time increasing Day2Life credibility. This traffic would be evergreen. According to our experience, the best results are achieved if at least one piece of new content gets published every week.
Day2Life does not publish content on Publishing more often on would be a good way to reach a bigger audience, drive traffic and increase brand awareness.

3. Email Marketing Teardown

Day2Life does not collect visitor’s email addresses on their site. Building a targeted email list and sending relevant messages to their audience are a great way to increase credibility and boost sales. Email marketing has also been proven to deliver the highest return on marketing and engagement investment out of all digital marketing channels.

4. Social Media Teardown

Twitter: @withday2life
Day2Life currently has 21 Twitter followers.
In the last 6 months, they tweeted 0.00 times per day. By being more active on Twitter they can acquire more followers and grow their audience.
Retweets make up 0.00% of all of their tweets – putting out more original content can create more engagement.
Day2Life  replied to 0% of their tweets – a higher number would indicate a better user interaction.
Day2Life uses 0.25 hashtags in their tweets on average – the higher this number, the more likely their tweets are to be found in search.
13% of Day2Life tweets get retweeted and 0.00% of their tweets get favourited – the higher these numbers, the more more will Day2Life be considered a valuable source of information by others.

* For a full report with graphs, stats, key data, and other suggestions please contact us directly.

Day2Life does not have Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin accounts. Creating additional social media presence can increase web traffic and enhance brand awareness.

5. Video Marketing

Day2Life does not have an explainer video or any form of digitally produced video on their website nor their app store page. Adding videos is a good way to increase conversions, credibility and improve user experience. Videos have also been proven to increase search engine rankings and can also be used effectively for paid advertising.
Day2Life does not have a YouTube channel. Creating a YouTube channel and publishing content consistently would be a great way to drive additional organic and free traffic to

6. Search Engine Performance

According to one of our tools, has 33 backlinks from 20 referring domains. It’s organically ranking for 8 primary keywords.
Day2Life currently receives about 0 organic clicks each month. Building more backlinks would likely increase this number.
Day2Life’s domain authority is 18/100 and page authority 30/100. Domain authority predicts this root domain’s ranking potential, page authority predicts this page’s ranking potential. The higher these numbers, the higher 60db-s chances to rank organically. These numbers can be increased by building additional backlinks and enhancing search engine optimization.
The top 5 keywords that bring most of Day2Life’s traffic are: time management solutions, d2 mobile, 2life app, time management solutions, June calendars. Some of these keywords can be ranked higher to gain even more traffic. Additionally, Day2Life would maximize it’s organic traffic by targeting keywords with a higher search volume.
The majority of the keywords Day2Life is ranked for do not rank on the first page of search engine results. Research has shown that more than 90% of traffic comes from first-page search results and that over 80% of clicks come from first four organic listings. A good strategy for increasing traffic would be to work on increase the rankings of those specific keywords.

Most of Day2Life traffic is coming from China and Netherlands. Expanding to additional countries, whether with SEO or paid marketing, would be a good way to build additional traffic and audience.

*For a full report with graphs, stats, key data, and other suggestions please contact us directly.

7. Affiliate Program

Day2Life does not seem to have an affiliate program. Having an attractive affiliate program would be a good way to rapidly increase sales while at the same time keeping costs under control. Day2Life would only pay affiliates if the referral takes the desired action.

8. Paid Advertising

Day2Life is not using Google Adwords paid marketing service. There are numerous keywords Day2Life should consider bidding on. Increasing the number of paid keywords would be a good way to increase paid traffic.
According to our data, Day2Life is not using Adwords alternatives. Day2Life should consider diversifying and expanding to other Paid Advertising Channels. For example, we’ve witnessed great results with Facebook Ads, Bing, Taboola and Outbrain ads.

9. Security Teardown does not have known malware and it’s not blacklisted.
The site does not have a firewall. This poses a medium security risk as it makes Day2Life website considerably easier to hack.
Day2Life is using an SSL certificate. This means data and sensitive information should be protected better.

10. Media & Press Releases

Day2Life receives media coverage. We’ve identified a few articles in major publications and online news sites.
For example, this article at Day2Life’s fully functional mobile time management solution receives investment from 500 Startups.

Getting more coverage from the media can boost Day2Life brand awareness, website visitors and increase search traffic.