Redesign & Development

Redesign & Development

Design a business that converts

How many times have you arrived at a site, felt disoriented, and left within seconds because you didn’t want to waste time?

Or, perhaps you had a quick skim and could not figure out the point of the site or what it represented?

Maybe it was the organization of the information, the choice of colors, the small font, or the annoying banner. Or maybe you didn’t even realize what it was, but something felt annoying.

Whatever it was, it made you realize one thing for sure: a captivating and usable web design is critical to a successful online presence.

At Teardown Labs, we would go even further and say that there is nothing more lasting than a first impression. After all, it can make or break your business.

When someone comes to your site, you want the impression to capture their attention immediately and make them want to stay.

In fact, you only have about five seconds to do so. Any longer and your potential client will move on.

This is why it’s extremely important to build a site that is both visually appealing and clear in relaying your core message.

But good web design principles go beyond the purely aesthetic. A website needs to be more than just eye candy; it needs to be optimized for search engine results, it needs to work in different browsers, it needs to inspire confidence in your customers, and, ultimately, it needs to convert visitors into leads and customers.

The fact of the matter is that anyone can build a website using cheap templates and their neighbor’s college kid for help, but choosing this option means that you may be compromising your business’s reputation, your chances of generating traffic to your site, and conversion rates.

If your website is not effective, you and your business will not be effective.

Think about it like this: have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt at ease?

Your website should create the same effect when someone visits your site.

A well-designed website is like that comfortable room you just love spending time in. It transforms the way you feel and makes you want to be there.

A well-designed website catches the visitor’s attention and compels them to explore the site further.

A well-designed website creates trust and confidence so that visitors will know you are great at what you do.

And more than anything, a well-designed website converts a one-time visitor into a regular customer.

We’ve been building online businesses for more than a decade, and we can help you create an amazing virtual identity from scratch.

If you already have a website, here are some questions you can use to assess its effectiveness:

  1. Does your website quickly and clearly communicate your core message?
  2. As a client, would you find your website user-friendly?
  3. Do your pages load in 5 seconds or less?
  4. Are your pages easy to read and scan for information?
  5. Can a visitor get the gist of a page within seconds?
  6. Does your website have a privacy policy?
  7. Do you give potential clients a reason to give you their email address?
  8. How does your site look and function on a smartphone or a tablet?
  9. Does your website concentrate on your prospects’ specific needs?
  10. How prominently are social media elements placed on your site?
  11. Does your website have a clean layout with intuitive navigation?
  12. Does your website encourage visitors to take guided action?

If your website design hasn’t changed in years, or your business could use more leads and customers, it’s time for a change.

We’ve helped others, and we can help you too.

If you choose to work with us, you can expect a design that…

  • Has visual appeal.
  • Is search engine friendly.
  • Produces fast-loading pages.
  • Renders flawlessly in all major browsers.
  • Communicates information clearly.
  • Looks clean, fresh, and eye-catching.
  • Integrates social media.
  • Aims for conversion in a higher rate.

A well-designed website that converts traffic into customers is one of the most basic things you need to have in order run a successful online business.

Contact us today.