Actofit Website Review

Actofit is a wearable tech startup that allows you to track your workouts in granularity (75+ gym exercises) and make data driven decisions.

Actofit was founded in 2016 and the company’s headquarters is in Maharashtra.

1. User Experience and Design

Actofit’s website is very well designed using the Shopify platform. This automatically strengthens the user experience around the bottom-of-funnel shopping cart and checkout process.

Actofit’s branding and general aesthetic is sleek and fitting to their product.

We believe Actofit might benefit the most from implementing more top and middle-of-funnel features to drive traffic deeper into their sales funnel. Some of these include additional convince pages, stronger call-to-actions, and opportunities for visitors to opt-in for a lead magnet.

Speed – According to one of our speed tests, took 14.5 seconds to fully load. Decreasing the page load time would allow for a bigger number of visitors to reach the site and a better user experience. Studies show that 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load and 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.
According to one of our tools, the average time spent on site by visitors is 6 minutes and 39 seconds and the bounce rate is 35.90%. Increasing the time spent on site and lowering the bounce rate can positively impact multiple metrics such as search rankings.

Tagline – A website only has a few seconds from a user landing on it before they make a decision whether or not to stay and learn more. The very first line a user sees on Actofit’s site is their hook, “Change the way you measure your fitness.” Actofit may qualify users better by using a more results-oriented copy.

Image selection – Out of the 3 images presented, the middle images tells the story of what Actofit is about in as few words as possible. It has visual indicators pointing to the wrist device and has the app display right on the screen. The first image of the 2 people sitting back-to-back suggests this may be an app, which doesn’t show the fitness tracking wristband. We believe the 2nd image may be a more powerful way to communicate the brand.

Call-To-Action (CTA) – The Preorder button in the header may be a big ask for a new product. It might be better to warm the users up with a demo video in the header that opens up into a lightbox with the click of a play button. Sometimes a thorough video can replace a full sales page.We believe a shorter style demo video, like the one the “Why Actofit” page, would be more appropriate and easier to digest as a first impression.

Actofit is missing a below-the-fold CTA that would potentially drive homepage traffic to the product page. Currently, only the header CTA goes to the product page.

Design and Style – While the other buttons are important to educate and direct users to other relevant pages, Actofit would benefit from using a button style treatment for the primary CTA that is higher in visual hierarchy than the other buttons.We believe using a more convincing CTA button text would better associate emotions to Actofit’s product.

  • “Start Tracking Gains”
  • “Stop manually logging reps”
  • “Break Your Plateaus”

Page flow and content structure – Actofit’s homepage acts as the central sales page for the product. A heatmap software, like Hotjar, would offer insightful qualitative information about how users are interacting with the sales copy and videos on the homepage.

Header – As mentioned in the CTA breakdown, using a demo video that popups in a lightbox might be more powerful and effective at explaining “What is Actofit” versus the short paragraph right underneath the header. If a video is featured first, this section may become obsolete.

Benefits – After showcasing the product, the next question to answer would be, “what are the benefits?” or, what are the results of using Actofit.

Actofit doesn’t currently have a section dedicated to the results a user can expect from purchasing this product but there are already tidbits of information that Actofit can use to elaborate on. Examples below.

Features / How – After selling the results that someone may get from purchasing Actofit, Actofit can benefit by showing how their will achieve those results.

Currently, there are 3 very similar sections that have the same functions. Actofit may benefit from either consolidating the 3 sections into 1 section and/or limiting it to the most important features altogether.

Actofit may want to consider using a hybrid approach of these 3 sections to consolidate the section so it is more easily digestible. The features with icons are easy to scan and would be good to have as a first set of features to display.

The carousel functions better as a secondary information box, left to the user to decide if they want to learn more by clicking through.

Actofit may want to consider putting the carousel underneath the other feature boxes, essentially reversing the order that they currently appear, so that the picture of the app and product appear first, then the row of features, and then the carousel.

Testimonials – This section falls in line at an appropriate place. Actofit may benefit from emphasizing the text from the quote itself rather than the person of who it came from.

Social – Actofit has 2 social blocks that appear at the end of the page; one is an Instagram feed and the other is an unclickable Twitter icon.

Since Actofit is already focusing on Instagram, it might be in their best interest to eliminate the Twitter icon altogether and only encourage site traffic to follow their Instagram page.

Using a strong call-to-action to incentive users to follow the instagram page might help increase their Instagram following.

If Actofit doesn’t want risk driving site traffic away to Instagram, they might find a “follow me” button embedded on the site that may suit their needs better. This would both increase their social Instagram presence and also retain a site visitor.

User Journey and Funnel

  • Actofit’s main goal is to get Preorder sales.
  • A secondary goal is to capture emails through their newsletter signup
  • Actofit also has micro-goals for users to land on their convince articles, such as the “Why Actofit” page.

Funnel flow – A funnel is the journey you want your visitor to take from the first moment they interact with your business. While the bottom-of-funnel checkout process is defined by Shopify’s default shopping cart and checkout system, Actofit may drive top-of-funnel visitors deeper into the funnel with the following suggestions.

Branding & style – Actofit uses the default styles in the Shopify theme, which makes the site have consistent style. Sometimes, Shopify makes all the styles too consistent. One place that can be affected by this are the buttons. While the buttons are consistent with Actofit’s brand colors, they lack a visual hierarchy. Most noticeably, the primary CTA is too similar to the Blog button.

We believe Actofit would benefit from implementing some custom styles to make buttons that lead to primary goals stand out more.

Logo – The logo appears relevant to the brand. The same logo would be a good candidate to use for the favorite icon, which the website is currently missing.

Responsiveness – is mobile friendly. People visiting the site on their mobile devices experience a well-designed site. Overall, visitors are 5 times more likely to leave a website if it is not optimized for mobile.

Since Actofit is using the Shopify platform, the responsiveness is top-notch all the way through the checkout process. Users can expect to navigate the site and complete a purchase all without leaving their mobile device. If Actofit chooses to stay on the Shopify platform, this will never be a problem for them.

2. Blog & Content Marketing

Actofit has a blog on their website. Creating and publishing more blog posts would be a good way to increase organic traffic while at the same time increasing Actofit’s credibility.

According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing report, the average company that blogs has:
–  55% more visitors
–  97% more inbound links
–  434% more indexed pages

Not only that, but 57% of companies indicate customer acquisition through their blog. When you combine that with the fact that blogs maintained the top slot as the least expensive lead generation tool, you get a powerful combination.

According to our experience, the best results are achieved if at least one piece of new content gets published every week.

Blog Posts – There are 4 features posts on the homepage currently. Actofit may benefit from using a carousel here so users can scroll navigate to other blog posts without going to the blog post page.

Layout – We believe implementing a sidebar would help users navigate the content on the blog. If Actofit chooses to focus on content marketing through their blog, this feature would become more crucial.

Single post – Having the featured image appear first might be a little confusing for users who are just landing on the page from, say, an organic search result. Featuring the post title above the featured image would increase congruency from a link or ad to the page.

The blog could be integral in growing Actofit into a community who supports each other’s fitness goals through the product.

Consistent CTA – Actofit may capitalize on organic search results by including a preorder CTA button at the bottom of other subpages and blog posts. That would ensure that anyone who searched for content and lands on a page can then be directed to the sales page of the product. This goal could then be measured and compared across other conversion pages.

Convince articles – Rather than going right for pre-order sales, Actofit may want to consider testing driving traffic to a case study or customer success story of someone who had results using Actofit.

Another type of convince articles would be a comparison chart of other fitness trackers on the market and how Actofit is superior.

Lead Magnets or Content Upgrades – Every blog post may be an opportunity for Actofit to grow their list. Using a content upgrade similar to the newsletter lead magnet mentioned above, is a good example of something Actofit can offer as an opt-in reward.

The downside would be the energy investment in creating a lead magnet and setting aside resources for email marketing, but the upside might be a potential for capturing sales without spending resources for paid traffic.

Other outlets – Actofit does not publish content on other blog outlets like Regularly publishing content on Medium, for instance, would be a good way to reach a bigger audience, drive traffic and increase brand awareness.

3. Email Marketing Teardown

Actofit collects visitor’s email addresses on their website. This means they’re building a targeted email list. Email marketing has been proven to deliver the highest return on marketing and engagement investment out of all digital marketing channels.

Newsletter – Actofit uses a basic newsletter email capture.

Actofit may benefit from using a lead magnet here to incentive email capture. This would be a targeted guide, consumable in less than 5 minutes, for their target demograph.

This also would be a good opportunity for Actofit to take advantage of to grow their list.

4. Social Media Teardown

We noticed inconsistencies in Actofit social media presence. We’d suggest creating a cohesive social media presence across key platforms. This would mean optimizing Actofit’s current social channels for consistency in engaging their audience often with relevant content and growing the number of followers within defined audience groups. We’d also recommend exploring other social platforms and online communities. There is a lot of untapped potential in some of the less known social platforms and online communities.


Actofit currently has 2,065 Facebook fans.

In the last month their Facebook audience has grown by 3.35%. A bigger audience and a higher growth rate on Facebook would mean a greater brand reach and more potential customers.

There are 35 people talking about them on Facebook. With the amount of likes they have Actofit  should be able to engage more followers.

Actofit posts 0.78  times per week. Publishing more often would allow for a wider audience reach, a higher engagement rate and increased perceived value for followers.

Actofit is using hashtags in their posts which expose their brand to more users.

Actofit engagement rate is 1.21%. (Total number of people talking about them divided by the total number of likes). A higher engagement rate would increase the number of people they are organically able to reach on Facebook. For example, Actofit can ask more questions in its posts. Posing questions to fans is a great way to activate them and gain insights of their needs. In general, the more Actofit engages with their audience, the more often they’ll appear in the newsfeed, and the quicker their brand’s presence will grow.

Below is a graph of the types of the posts Actofit published in June 2017, and how many reactions, comments and shares they’ve received in total when compared to each other.
There are inconsistencies in the frequency of publishing posts, which is an important aspect for overall engagement.

In addition, some posts have very low engagement which can affect perceived authority. For example the following post from June 29th:

ActoFit publishes most of its posts Monday through Saturday and their posting frequency is relatively low. Posting more frequently, and on more days, can trigger following to grow more rapidly.

While looking at ActoFit-s Facebook success rate by post type, it’s clear that the majority of ActoFit-s posts are not receiving any comments.

The majority of ActoFit-s Facebook followers are from India. As ActoFit is an international company, they can draw more audience and engagement from other countries, especially the U.S.

Twitter: @Actofit
Actofit currently has 2,500 Twitter followers. They are following 1878 users.

Their ratio of followers per person followed is 1.33. A number greater than one means that Actofit has more followers than they are following. A bigger number combined with a larger following would increase Actofit’s authority on Twitter.

The average number of people who added ActoFit to a public list (per 1000 followers) is 33. A high number combined to a large follower base means that SIT’s tweets are considered relevant to others.

In the last year or so, Actofit tweeted 1.04 times per day. By being more active on Twitter the company can acquire more followers and grow their audience.

Below is a graphic of ActoFit’s tweet history from April 23, 2015 to July 5, 2017. Actofit has published 841 tweets during that time.

Retweets make up 24% of all of their tweets – putting out more original content can create more engagement.

Actofit replied to 33% of their tweets – a higher number would indicate a better user interaction.

Actofit uses 0.92 hashtags in their tweets on average – the higher this number, the more likely their tweets are to be found in search.

16.33% of Actofit tweets get retweeted and 47.56% of their tweets get favourited – the higher these numbers, the more more will Actofit be considered a valuable source of information by others.

The average number of mentions per day is 0.54 – This number can be increased by interacting more with users.

Below is a graph of how posting times are distributed through the week as well as through the day. As Actofits’s audience is all over the world, we suggest using scheduling to spread tweets out through the day and avoid overloading followers.

* For a full report with graphs, stats, key data, and other suggestions please contact us directly.

Actofit has a LinkedIn account but yet maximized its presence. Improving and creating additional social media presence can increase web traffic and enhance brand awareness.

5. Video Marketing

Actofit uses video on their website. In general, using video is a good way to increase conversions, credibility and improve user experience. Videos have also been proven to increase search engine rankings and can also be used effectively for paid advertising.
Actofit does have a YouTube channel. Publishing videos consistently is a great way to drive additional organic traffic and leads.

6. Search Engine Performance

According to one of our tools, has 87 backlinks from 32 referring domains. It’s organically ranking for 150 primary keywords.

Actofit currently receives about 466 organic clicks each month. Building more backlinks would likely increase this number.

Actofit’s domain authority is 26/100 and page authority 36/100. Domain authority predicts this root domain’s ranking potential, page authority predicts this page’s ranking potential. The higher these numbers, the higher 60db-s chances to rank organically. These numbers can be increased by building additional backlinks and enhancing search engine optimization.

Most of Actofit traffic is coming from Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Italy, and Israel. Expanding to additional countries, whether with SEO or paid marketing, would be a good way to build additional traffic and audience.

Below is a graph of how much organic and paid traffic has received since April 2016. Organic traffic started taking off in March 2017 and dropped off in June 2017. We recommend investigating why.

The top 5 keywords that bring most of Actofit’s traffic are: next gen fitness trackers, fitness wearables, fit band, exercises, wearable exercise technology, gold gym exercise bands. Some of these keywords can be ranked higher to gain even more traffic. Additionally, Actofit would maximize it’s organic traffic by targeting keywords with a higher search volume.

The majority of the keywords Actofit is ranked for do not rank on the first page of search engine results. Research has shown that more than 90% of traffic comes from first-page search results and that over 80% of clicks come from first four organic listings. A good strategy for increasing traffic would be to work on increase the rankings of those specific keywords.

Actofit can benefit from a better anchor text distribution. 17 of the 87 backlinks use the exact same anchor text: “systematic inventive thinking”. That’s 20% of all backlinks. A higher number may cause problems with the search engines and possibly even get the site penalized, as this type of anchor distribution may look unnatural. Varying the anchor text distribution in the backlink profile to can make it look more natural and minimize these risks.

Similar to the anchor text distribution, a bigger variety of referring domains would look more natural and likely increase ActoFit’s rankings. Currently, 26 of the 87 backlinks come from a single domain.

From the graph below we can see that a few of Actofit’s backlinks have been lost. Losing backlinks can send a negative signal to search engines. Looking into the reason these backlinks have disappeared is advisable to prevent it from happening in the future.

ActoFit’s distribution looks natural. While TLD distribution doesn’t directly affect the rankings, it’s a reasonable method for red-flagging sites for unnatural link profiles.

* For a full report with graphs, stats, key data, and other suggestions please contact us directly. 

7. Affiliate Program

According to our data, ActoFit does not seem to have an affiliate program. It may be a good idea to set up an affiliate program, although this cannot be fully determined without first looking more into the details of the business. In most cases it’s a good idea, in some cases it’s not.

In general, having an attractive affiliate program may be a good way to rapidly increase sales while at the same time keeping costs under control. Actofit would only pay affiliates if the referral takes the desired action.

8. Paid Advertising

Actofit is currently bidding on a number of unique keywords using Google Adwords. There are numerous additional keywords Actofit should consider bidding on. Increasing the number of paid keywords would be a good way to further increase paid traffic.

According to our data, Actofit is not using Adwords alternatives. Actofit should consider diversifying and expanding to other Paid Advertising Channels. For example, we’ve witnessed great results with Facebook Ads, Bing, Taboola and Outbrain ads.

We believe it can be an important 80/20 area of focus because if done right, it can drive a constant stream of new customers in a predictable manner, while at the same time keeping costs under control. As long as paid advertising breaks even, it’s always worth it.

9. Security Teardown does not have known malware and it’s not blacklisted.

Actofit is using an SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt Authority X3. This means data and sensitive information are more protected.

10. Media & Press Releases

Actofit receives media coverage. We’ve identified a few articles in major publications and online news sites.
For example, this article at Wearable Tech Fitness Startup Actofit Raises $750k.

Getting more coverage from the media can boost Actofit brand awareness, website visitors and increase search traffic.